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Author: amja7578
Summary: I’ve been reading some RPFs lately and I thought I’d give it a shot and write one of my own. It’s basically a love story but there’s humor and angst, too.
Pairings: JA/OFC, JP/OFC
Warning: NC-17
Disclaimer: This doesn’t depict reality in any way…just writing for fun! The OFCs belong to me and were inspired by the pics I found on the web ―which also gave me some ideas for my fic! Thanks to Bren and Erica for helping me choose their names…hope you all like them!

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Chapter 17: Pizza & Movie Night

That evening they were all feeling a bit tired and just wanted to relax so they decided to order some pizza, make themselves comfortable on the couch and watch a movie instead of going out and partying as they usually did whenever they were off work.

Adriana was in her room, taking a long soothing shower, the hot water gently massing her muscles and slowly easing off the tension that had been building inside her all day long. She was definitely enjoying the privacy of having her own room and bathroom, and was very grateful Haylie’s parents owned a three-bedroom house since it meant she could have a room all to herself and wouldn’t have to share with anyone, namely Jensen! Haylie and Jared obviously wanted to spend their weekend together –in every sense of the word!- and would have never agreed to any arrangement which meant sleeping in separate rooms, but since there were three bedrooms in the house, that hadn’t been an issue: the couple staying in the master bedroom, while Jensen and Adriana stayed in the other two.

It was kind of silly on her part, she was fully aware of that, but she’d been truly relieved when she learned she wouldn’t have to share with the blonde, or crash on the couch downstairs, and was absolutely delighted when she found out the room she’d be staying in even had its own bathroom. It was a tad small, true, but it was big enough for her and, besides, it meant she wouldn’t be bumping into Jensen constantly. What if he accidentally walked in on her while she was in the shower or changing? Or viceversa? What if she literally caught him with his pants down? As alluring as the image might be, Adriana was pretty sure she wouldn’t know how to handle the situation and die from the embarrassment!

She brushed off those thoughts, and wrapped a fluffy towel around her small frame before stepping into the bedroom. She then opened her bag and went through the scarce items of clothing she’d brought along for the weekend. She took a good long look at her two dresses: a blue one and a white one, and after pondering on it for a while, she opted for the white one. It was longer and looser than the blue one and, after the day’s events, it offered some sense of protection to her.

She put it on and threw her white wrap around her shoulders, her dark hair falling down her back in soft waves. She studied her reflection on the mirror for several minutes, feeling more like herself now that she wasn’t showing so much skin, and thought, “Looks okay,” before leaving the room and heading downstairs.

The den was spacious and had a perfect view of the backyard and the pool. There were two large couches in the middle of the room opposite a coffee table and the TV, and a warm light coming from matching lamps placed on either side of the room. Haylie and Jared were sitting on one of the couches, holding each other tightly, their fingers entwined. He was lying on his side, his body stretched out, with Haylie’s significantly smaller frame leaning against him. Naturally, Jared’s gigantic body didn’t leave any room for anyone else other than the girl, meaning Adriana and Jensen would have to sit on the other couch together.

Her eyes shifted towards it and instantly landed on Jensen, who was sitting with his legs spread apart and staring at her...pretty intensely. She watched him for a split second and quickly took in every detail. He was wearing a white shirt, which made his lightly tanned skin and emerald green eyes stand out even more than usual, and she couldn’t help smiling somewhat nervously at him.

MTB - ch 17 pic 01

MTB - ch 17 pic 02

The blonde patted on the couch invitingly, his eyes raking over all of her as she walked towards him. She sat down about a foot away from him and pretended not to notice his intense stare. Luckily, she wouldn’t have to engage in conversation since they were watching some movie, meaning she could lean back on the couch, have some pizza and relax, well, try to relax, because as nervous as she was, it wasn’t gonna happen any time soon. “Just, freaking relax, girl!” she thought. “You’re not fourteen anymore. Your’re a grown woman for God’s sake. So stop it! Jensen’s just a guy and nothing’s gonna happen between the two of you. Ju-just cut it out this second!”

The four of them ate and drank quietly while they watched TV and enjoyed a quiet evening. Adriana felt definitely much better now that she was, well, dressed and somewhat safer from his prying eyes. At least that was what she thought until Jensen leaned forward towards the table to grab his beer and adjusted his position so that his body was facing hers.

MTB - ch 17 pic 03

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, and saw him sensually licking his pouty lips before wrapping them around the bottle, his eyes practically glued on her. She stood still without moving a muscle, pretending not to notice any of it and finding it increasingly difficult, but then, who wouldn’t? Those luscious lips of his working their magic on that bottle were undeniably tempting! She swallowed hard, trying to focus on the movie and somehow managed to, at least for a few minutes, till he moved and sat closer to her.

Jensen couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was wearing a simple white dress, which wasn’t tight at all but still caressed her curves beautifully, and then there was that fragrance enveloping her. She smelled of apple shampoo and soap and, for some reason, it just made him crazy. He soon found himself biting and licking his lips hungrily, his mouth longing for her, and so he decided to keep it busy and quickly stuffed it, first with food and then with beer. Not that the bottle made a great surrogate, but it’d have to do!

Jensen and Adriana carried on eating and drinking during the movie, silently checking each other out, while Jared stole quick glances at them both and grinned to himself, thinking, “Yep, they have it bad! Wish they did something about it soon, though…otherwise, Jensen’s gonna be impossible to be around!” And remembering Jensen’s wet dream back at his trailer, he said to himself, “Even if there’s plenty of ammo for endless pranks!”

It was almost midnight and Jared and Haylie were feeling tired so they decided to call it a day and go to bed. The tall man stretched out his long limbs and yawned softly, his voice muffled by his girlfriend’s soft pecks.

“Missed you real bad, you know?” he said.

“Really?” Haylie replied, her lips brushing his earlob, her voice low and sexy.

“Yeah...and I’m planning to show it to you. So, what d’you say we go upstairs?” he whispered in her ear, his voice just as deep and sultry as hers.

She laughed lightly and nodded, and they both stood up, ready to go to their bedroom. They were about to say good-night to their friends when they noticed Jensen and Adriana had fallen asleep on the couch. Jared smiled, not one bit surprised that his friend was all curled up around the petite, yet curvy, brunette.

MTB - ch 17 pic 04

“What shall we do?” Haylie asked, keeping her voice down.

“Nothing,” he said, taking his sweater off.

“What d’you mean nothing? So, we just leave ‘em there like that?” Haylie insisted, pointing to their friends.

“Yeah!” he replied, nodding enthusiastically as he smiled and winked at her.

MTB - ch 17 pic 05

“Well, I gotta admit they look really cute together, don’t they?”

MTB - ch 17 pic 06

Both their minds made up, they stood up, turned off the lights and headed upstairs, leaving their respective friends on the couch, sleeping soundly in a tight embrace...and clearly having a pretty good time.

To Be Continued....

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Fic: Meant To Be - chapter 16: Pool Party

Author: amja7578
Summary: I’ve been reading some RPFs lately and I thought I’d give it a shot and write one of my own. It’s basically a love story but there’s humor and angst, too.
Pairings: JA/OFC, JP/OFC
Warning: NC-17
Disclaimer: This doesn’t depict reality in any way…just writing for fun! The OFCs belong to me and were inspired by the pics I found on the web ―which also gave me some ideas for my fic! Thanks to Bren and Erica for helping me choose their names…hope you all like them!

All chapters here: http://amja7578.livejournal.com/14215.html

Chapter 16: Pool Party

Jensen kept his eyes fixed on Adriana while she put the plates and napkins in place, desperately wanting to throw his arms around her and kiss her deeply, let his fingers run through her dark chocolate waves and feel her soft curves pressed against his hard lines.

He bit his lower lip while his eyes raked her body and felt a tingling sensation building inside him. He knew exactly what it was, and more importantly, where it was headed, and since jumping her bones wasn’t really an option at the time, unfortunately, he took a deep breath and did his best to keep his urges on check.

“Erm, listen,” he said clearing his throat, “I’m sorry about what happened at the party. I meant to call you all this time but I really wanted to talk to you in person…I-I thought that was the right way to go about it, you know?”

“It’s alright. You don’t have to explain anything to me,” she replied casually with a weak smile, pretending it was no big deal and that she wasn’t one bit affected by it.

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to, okay?” he uttered rather emphatically.

“Like I was saying, it’s alright. I hope you and your girlfriend can work things out,” she went on saying, nervously folding the same napkin for the tenth time.

“No! She’s not my girlf-!” Jensen insisted out loud, clearly frustrated and even somewhat angry, and then quickly added, his voice softening, “I don’t have a girlfriend…yet.”

As he said so, he locked gazes with her, placed his hand on top of hers, and gently stroked it with his thumb. She blushed almost instantly and was at a total loss for words, completely lost in his emerald green eyes, his intense stare fully focused on her, keeping her captive, and refusing to let go.

MTB - ch 16 pic 01 JA (24)

The soft touch of his hand on hers, his thumb gently caressing her skin, immediately reminded her of their dance together, his strong arms hooked around her, his lips, and tongue, ghosting her neck.

Her heart began beating faster and faster, tension quickly building inside her and she parted her lips in order to speak, without even knowing what to say. Naturally, no words came out of her mouth and she simply stood there, speechless, her gaze locked with his, lips still parted, completely mesmerized by the vision of the stunning man standing before her.

Jensen carried on caressing her hand, enjoying every second of it, his words still resonating in the air, expecting an answer from her, and desperately wanting to close the gap between them and kiss her…nice…slow…deep…the way that, in his eyes, she so clearly deserved to be kissed.

Adriana couldn’t understand a thing that was happening to her. The effect he had on her was completely alien to her. She’d never felt so drawn to a man before and no matter how hard she tried to figure it all out, she failed dismally. It was as if he had some sort of power or hold over her that left her speechless, her brain shutting down completely and all of her senses taking over.

She stood there, lost in his eyes and touch, knowing it’d be impossible for her to say no to him. Luckily enough, Haylie and Jared came out of the house bringing a bowl of salad and a tray with sandwiches, thus breaking the awkward silence building between Jensen and Adriana.

The couple instantly caught sight of Jensen’s hand on top of Adriana’s and sensed the increasing sexual tension between them. They didn’t utter a word though, and simply exchanged knowing looks and playful smirks.

They casually placed the bowl and tray in the middle of the table, and Haylie said, “Forgot to bring something to drink. Be right back!”

“That’s okay. I’ll go get it,” Adriana quickly offered, and before anyone had the chance to stop her, namely Jensen, she swiftly removed her hand from under his and rushed into the kitchen.

As soon as she got there, she took several deep breaths and said to herself, “What is wrong with you???!!! Calm down!!! There’s no use being this freaking nervous!!! Just be cool!!!”

She repeated it inside her head over and over again, like a litany, and when she felt more in control of herself, she grabbed some sodas, water and beer from the fridge and headed back outside.

When she left the kitchen and joined Haylie and the two men, she found them sitting at the table, ready to have lunch, and she noticed that there was only one free spot left, and that it happened to be right next to Jensen.

The second the blonde saw her approaching the table, he stood up, flashed her a charming smile, and helped her with the bottles she was holding. He then pulled out a chair for her, like the gentleman he was, and made sure she had everthing she needed, some food on her plate and a drink, before sitting down next to her.

She was wearing her tiny pink swimsuit and that little wrap and knitted top, which didn’t exactly leave much to the imagination, and she couldn’t help feeling, well, naked. In honest truth, she’d expected Jensen to ogle her, so when he smiled charmingly at her and kept his eyes fixed on hers –instead of her boobs or butt!- she was nicely surprised…and relieved –she was feeling pretty self-conscious already!

She gave small bites to her tuna sandwich and did her best to calm down, this time for good. “Ok, it’s just lunch,” she thought, “the four of us here…just four people having lunch…Nothing wrong with that…So, just relax.”

She somehow managed to do it and found herself laughing loudly when the guys told them some funny stories from work. They all seemed to be used to playing pranks on the set and the two handsome men had fallen victim to them on more than one occasion.

Everything looked pretty normal and Adriana soon wasn’t nervous anymore. However, she did notice that Jensen seemed to be taking every single chance he had to touch her. It wasn’t anything too obvious, though, just casual grazings of her skin. They’d reach for salad at the same time and his hand would briefly come in contact with hers, his fingers would touch her thigh accidentally when pulling his chair closer to the table, he’d spread his legs and ghost hers…

That went on all day. He seemed to be taking every chance to touch and caress her body. At first, she thought it was all in her head, but when things carried on along pretty much the same lines, there was no denying it; clearly, it was all intentional.

She began watching him closely, his every single move, and soon figured out the pattern. Jensen always made sure he was really close to her, practically invading her personal space, resulting in his constant bumping into her.

Just like later that afternoon when they played volleyball in the pool and Jensen insisted, pretty adamantly, that he and she teamed up against Jared and Haylie.

“Why not guys versus girls?” Adriana suggested.

“Wouldn’t be fair, sweetie. Come on, look at me and Jared and now look at you and Haylie…We’re way taller than you guys,” Jensen quickly explained.

Fine, he had a point. He and Jared did tower over both of them, but still she wasn’t that sure where he was going with all this.

“Yeah, Jensen’s right,” Haylie said and then added, “Okay, so I guess it’s me and Jared against you two guys?”

Jensen nodded, smiling brilliantly, and Adriana had no choice but to agree to his idea since disagreeing would have been way too awkard. And yet, she couldn’t help wondering what he was up to, why he had that I-win look in his eyes. It didn’t take long before she figured it out, though!

They began playing and laughing, enjoying the feeling of the contrast between the warm sun and the cool water on their skin. Adriana was definitely having a good time, there was no denying that, until she noticed Jensen was all over her, yet again, all the time!

The blonde was resorting to all kinds of excuses to wrap his arms around her or press his body against hers, like failing to hit the ball and accidentally falling on top of her! She pretended not to notice what he was doing, but it was no easy task considering he was insanely handsome…and how attracted she was to him!

She felt truly relieved when they got out of the pool once the game was over, thinking her ordeal had finally come to an end. She was proved wrong soon enough, though.

She was standing by the pool, rubbing her arms absent-mindedly with both hands, when she suddenly felt Jensen standing up close behind her and wrapping a towel around her small frame.

“You cold?” he whispered seductively in her ear, his lips ghosting her lobe while he hooked his arms around her.

“A little,” was all she said, still somewhat surprised by how strongly he was coming onto her.

“Lemme take care of that,” he quickly added before she had the chance to step away, and began rubbing her arms gently to help her get warm, his hands slowly sliding down her sides till reaching her waist as he pressed his chest against her back and rested his chin where her shoulder and neck met, his lips ghosting her velvety skin.

She wanted to protest, to push him away, but he’d somehow managed to make it look completely innocent. Not that she wasn’t enjoying it because, truth be told, having him all curled up around her felt awesome, but she still wasn’t 100% okay with it.

Fine, she liked him, a lot, but then, after everything that had happened between them and despite all of his explanations, she couldn’t help wondering if was leading her on, if he was toying with her somehow. After all, he was an actor, and he was stunning, and surrounded by equally stunning women 24/7 –she’d seen it with her own eyes! So, why on earth would he be into her…at all?

Naturally, she didn’t say a word and kept her thoughts to herself, doing her best to hide it all and act normal, evidently refusing to let anyone there see through her. No. There was absolutely no way she’d let them know…let alone allow Jensen to play with her.

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Summary: I’ve been reading some really good RPFs lately and I thought I’d give it a shot and write one of my own. It’s basically a love story but there’s humor and angst, too.
Pairings: JA/OFC, JP/OFC
Warning: NC-17
Disclaimer: This doesn’t depict reality in any way…just writing for fun! The OFCs belong to me and were inspired by the pics I found on the web ―which also gave me some ideas for my fic! Thanks to Bren and Erica for helping me choose their names…hope you all like them!

All chapters here: http://amja7578.livejournal.com/14215.html

Chapter 15: An Unexpected Visitor

It had been a particularly warm week and Haylie’s parents were planning to go away for a few days, a sort of romantic getaway, which meant she could stay at their place and enjoy their lovely house and pool.

She was looking forward to spending the weekend with Jared and have him all to herself, her parents’ house being the perfect spot for it, but then, when she called him and invited him to come over, he apologized and explained he wouldn’t be able to make it because he was swamped in work.

Haylie was disappointed. Not that she blamed him or anything like that, the poor guy was working after all, but she couldn’t help feeling sad because she’d have to wait yet another week to see the handsome man she adored.

“That’s the price you pay for having a gorgeous boyfriend who happens to be an actor and works hundreds of miles away,” she thought, their long-distance relationship beginning to affect her.

“There’s no point in obsessing over it, though” she quickly told herself knowing very well that there was nothing either of them could do about it. Fine, she could always fly to Vancouver to see him but he’d be so busy, all the time, that he’d barely pay any attention to her and they’d both end up feeling miserable about it, he for neglecting her and she for being somewhat clingy perhaps…so, what was the point? Haylie let go of a breath and eventually brushed off those thoughts and decided to invite Adriana instead.

“What about Jared? Don’t you wanna spend the weekend with him?” the brunette asked.

“Yeah…We talked but he said he can’t make it. He’s busy shooting some scenes for his show.”

“Too bad. I know how much you wanted to see ‘im.”

“Yeah,” the blonde said, disappointed because her weekend wouldn’t turn out as she’d originally planned.

“Okay. So, who else is coming?” the brunette quickly asked, trying to change the subject seeing it was making her friend somewhat sad.

“No one. It’ll be just us, girls!”

“Sounds good!”

“So I was thinking we could go straight from work on Friday.”


“Good. We’re all set then.”

Haylie put the phone down and began getting ready for work. Her weekend wouldn’t go exactly as planned but she was sure she’d have a good time with her friend and instantly felt better.

On Saturday morning the girls were relaxing and basking in the sun by the pool. Haylie’s parents’ house was big and comfortable but the very best thing about it was the large backyard and pool. It’d always been the blonde’s favorite spot as a child and still was to this day.

MTB - ch 15 pic 01

MTB - ch 15 pic 02

Haylie’s phone rang and she couldn’t help smiling when she saw who was calling. She talked to her boyfriend a couple of minutes and then announced with a big smile on her face that Jared was coming over.

“I thought you said he was too busy and couldn’t make it,” Adriana pointed out.

“Yeah, he couldn’t. But looks like his plans changed last minute and, well, he decided to surprise me. Isn’t he totally sweet?”

“Totally!” the brunette agreed. “By the way, when are you two meeting?” she then asked, eyes closed, lying on her back and enjoying the sun.

“Well, erm, he called me from the airport and he said he’s on his way so they should be here soon.”

They?” Adriana asked, snaping her eyes open and focusing on her friend, her gutt telling her that something was up.

“Yeah, he said he’s bringing a friend,” Haylie explained casually.

Adriana kept her eyes fixed on her and said, raising an eyebrow, “Please, Haylie, tell me it’s not him.”

Him who?”

“You know who…Jensen!”

“I don’t know. All he said was that it was a friend of his,” she replied but refusing to make eye-contact with the brunette knowing her eyes would give her away. Still, it didn’t go unnoticed to Adriana, who immediately confirmed her suspicions.


“What? Oh, come on, sweetie! Don’t make such a big deal!”

“Am not! It’s just that…” Adriana began saying but stopped in mid sentence.



“Come on, what is it?” the blonde insisted.

“Nothing…forget it!”

“Honey, you know I’m not gonna leave it alone so come on, just admit that you like the guy,” she stated.

Adriana looked at her without saying a word and her friend carried on, “You know he’s single and you like him…a lot!”

Haylie looked at Adriana in the eye, waiting for her to share, wondering what was going on in that pretty little head of hers. They were close, great friends, practically sisters. And yet, she had to admit that, at times, the brunette baffled her like, for example, right now! It was obvious to her and Jared –and to everyone who had eyes for that matter!- that Jensen and Adriana were totally into each other and still, for some unknown and crazy reason, she wouldn’t give him, give them, a chance.

Fine, Jensen hadn’t played it particularly smoothly so far, but they all knew for a fact that he was into Adriana and that she was into him as well. So, why was she having second thoughts?

“Well, erm, it’s just that I haven’t heard from him since that party and…”

“And what, honey?” Haylie asked encouragingly.

“And I’m wearing this tiny swimsuit!” Adriana replied, clearly mortified.

“So?” the blonde asked then added, rolling her eyes, “Girl, you gotta stop being so self-conscious about your body. I mean, you could totally strip with your curves!”

“Haylie!” the brunette exclaimed, her face turning a vivid shade of red.

“What? It’s the truth!...Come on, just drop it, okay? Anyway, they’ll be here soon and it’s not like you’re gonna go change, right?”

“W-well, I guess I could-” Adriana began saying but was cut short by the blonde.

“Oh, come on, seriously? You’re not actually considering it, are you?”

“Fine!” the brunette replied, realizing that a change of clothes wouldn’t make any difference. “Besides, I didn’t bring another swimsuit anyways. I mean, not one that covers much more than this one.”

Adriana wanted to yell at Haylie. It was supposed to be just them, girls. That was why she’d brought along two particularly tiny bikinis with her –she could get a better tan that way. She’d never expected Jared –let alone Jensen!- to show up, otherwise, she would’ve never ever decided to wear those garments!

Anyway, there was nothing she could do then and there. She’d have to suck it up! So, she took a deep breath and did her best to control her increasing uneasiness.

The girls went on talking and Adriana couldn’t help thinking that Jensen would probably be there in under half an hour. She did her best to brush off those thoughts, to stop obsessing over it actually, but failed dismally. She did manage to hide it, though, and Haylie didn’t seem to notice how nervous she actually was.

Adriana felt butterflies in her stomach –and not of the good kind! She was becoming so nervous she thought she’d pass out any minute. It was unbelievable! She didn’t recognize herself. Getting all jittery about some guy? Fine, an insanely attractive guy! But still, it was nothing like her…at all!

And then, she remembered she hadn’t heard from Jensen since the party. No matter what Haylie said, he hadn’t tried to get in touch with her. That was a fact. Plus something seemed to be going on between him and that redhead. So, after pondering on it, she said to herself, “Just pretend nothing happened…Be cool…Who knows? Maybe it’s not ‘him’…Maybe it’s somebody else…some other friend.”

Adriana was lost in her own musings when she heard the doorbell. The second her friend heart it, she smiled brilliantly and rushed to the door, to find a tall dark and handsome man standing there. The blonde’s smile grew even wider the instant her eyes laid on Jared, and she threw her arms around his neck, immediately proceeding to kiss him passionately.

MTB - ch 15 pic 03

MTB - ch 15 pic 04

When they broke the kiss, they were almost out of breath and both were smiling goofily.

“Missed you, babe!” he then whispered in her ear.

“Missed you, too!” she replied, grinning and locking gazes with him.

He ran his hands gently over her bare back and added, “Like it!” looking up and down at her.

“What exactly…the swimsuit or me?”

You…in that little swimsuit!” he answered smirking playfully.

MTB - ch 15 pic 05

MTB - ch 15 pic 06

They kissed some more, oblivious to their surroundings, even forgetting Jensen was right there, a few feet away from them, until he cleared his throat louldly.

MTB - ch 15 pic 07

“Oh. Hi, Jensen!” Haylie said, somewhat embarrassed but refusing to let go of Jared.

“Hey!” was all the blonde replied.

“Okay! Awkward enough I guess!” the brunette then exclaimed before adding, “Let’s go in…can’t wait to get in the pool!”

And then all three stepped inside the house. Haylie had only been gone for a few minutes but it felt like forever to Adriana. She wanted to know for good if Jensen was coming with Jared so that she could stop obsessing over it and yet, at the same time, she wished time froze so that she didn’t have to face him.

“Get it together! What the hell is wrong with you? You’re not a kid anymore! You’re a grown woman for crying out loud! Act like one!!!” she told herself over and over again as she lay still by the pool, practically frozen.

Suddenly, she saw Haylie and Jared approaching her with matching smiles across their faces, clearly delighted at the prospect of spending the weekend together. And then, a few feet behind them she saw no other than Jensen. “Great! This is gonna be so damn awkward! An entire weekend pretending that everything’s just ‘peachy’!” she thought.

Jensen followed his friend and girlfriend, eager to see the curvy brunette he’d been lusting after for quite some time when he saw her by the pool in a tiny pink swimsuit, quickly coming to the conclusion that someone upstairs definitely liked him or that he must’ve done something really good in his life and now karma was rewarding him…big time!

MTB - ch 15 pic 08

They headed towards the pool, where Adriana was sitting quietly, politely smiling at them and doing her best to appear relaxed as she waved ‘hello’ at them. The men dropped their bags on the floor and sat down on the deck chairs, their muscles still somewhat stiff after their flight, while Haylie went to the kitchen to get them some lemonade.

Jensen took off his jacket and cap and stared at the girl with lustful eyes so enthralled that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She seemed to have been swimming and was dripping wet, waterdrops gently running down her skin, those gorgeous curves he was dying to caress with his hands, her lips glistening seductively in the morning sun. Oh, yes! Somebody upstairs did like him!!!

MTB - ch 15 pic 09

She felt his piercing gaze all over her and couldn’t help feeling naked. “Damn it!” she thought. “Why on earth did I have to wear this tiny swimsuit???!!!” She felt more and more self-conscious by the minute and wanted to get dressed, cover all her body from head to toe pretty much like muslin women do…like right that second!

But then, since that wasn’t an option there and then, she decided to go for second best. So, she stood from her chair and walked towards the edge of the deck, where she’d left some garments earlier that day. She took quick steps, knowing how particularly small her bikini bottoms were and doing her best not to show too much skin -not an easy task considering what she was wearing at the moment!

MTB - ch 15 pic 10

MTB - ch 15 pic 11

She hurried and somehow managed to throw her clothes on in under a second, very much aware of the fact that her butt was on full display now! She quickly put on her little wrap and knitted top and crossed her arms over her chest before turning around, still feeling naked under his gaze.

MTB - ch 15 pic 12

MTB - ch 15 pic 13

She smiled politely at them, nervous like hell, her cheeks turning impossibly red, burning like fire…and she hoped she could blame it all on the sun and not on the butterflies in her stomach!

Jensen noticed how nervous he was making her and forced his eyes off of her. Not an easy task though, not when she was standing barely five feet away, smiling softly, all wet in those skimpy clothes…looking like a freaking sex goddess!!!

And yet, he somehow managed to take his eyes off of her, looked down and smiled to himself, glad to find out that he also had quite an effect on her and more than pleased by it.

Tension between Jensen and Adriana was building quickly; everyone there could sense it! Jared, Jensen and Adriana were chatting, pretending that nothing was going on, but the curvy brunette was becoming increasingly nervous no matter how hard she tried to keep it together.

She didn’t know how much longer she’d be able to keep up the pretence and felt extremely grateful when Haylie showed up carrying a tray with cold drinks and quickly engaged in conversation. Adriana had always admired her friend’s people skills. The blonde always seemed capable of making conversation with pretty much anybody almost effortlessly, and today the brunette particularly appreciated it!

They all carried on chatting and, after a while, Adriana felt more at ease now that Jensen’s eyes weren’t fixed on her…that much. Fine, his eyes were still practically glued on her most of the time, but at least not all the time!

“Alright, guys. Lemme show you inside so you can change,” Haylie suggested seeing that the men had finished their beverages and seemed more than ready to dive in the pool.

“Sure!” Jared replied.

“Okay!” Jensen agreed enthusiastically, smiling brilliantly at the brunette and wondering how her body and that smooth and oh-so-very-kissable skin of hers would feel pressed against him.

The two men and the girl then disappeared inside the house and a few minutes later, she came back outside and joined her friend.

“Haylie, you knew it was Jensen, didn’t you?” Adriana asked the second the blonde was back.

The brunette was mad at her friend for her blatant attempt to play match-maker with her and Jensen. In honest truth, she couldn’t get her friend’s insistence –bordering on obsession in her opinion!- with setting them up. If you asked her, they’d already had their chance, chances actually, and it hadn’t worked out. As a matter of fact, it’d all turned out awfully wrong. So, to Adriana, it clearly wasn’t meant to be.

“No! I promise I had no idea! I didn’t even know Jared was coming.”

“This is gonna be so awkard!” Adriana uttered, mortified. “I think I should go.”

Go? You can’t go!” the blonde immediately protested. “Besides, leaving would be awkard! Come on, girl, please stay. We’ll have fun…And, anyway, I told you what happened with Jensen and that redhead at the party after you left.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just that this is gonna be so…uncomfortable! I mean, there was that kiss under the mistletoe and-” Adriana was explaining but was cut short by the blonde.

“Totally romantic, by the way!”

“Whatever!” Adriana replied, slightly annoyed and then carried on, “The point is that he never tried to contact me afterwards and it was the exact same thing after that party and I suppose he and Jared are both staying…the entire weekend, right?”

“Yeah,” Haylie replied guessing what her frined was hinting and not liking it one bit.

Haylie wondered why the brunette hadn’t called Jensen herself when she had no news from him, especially since she seemed to like him so much, but then she remembered how shy her friend was when it came to dating and decided not say a word about it.

“Well, erm, I guess I could make up some kind of excuse and just, erm, leave,” Adriana said hesitantly.

“Oh, no! No, no, no! You can’t do that to me! I wanna spend some time with Jared and if you leave, what will I do with Jensen! It’ll be way easier if you stay…It’ll be four friends having fun…Yeah, just four friends hanging out,” Haylie insisted, doing her best to sound convincing and failing.

“Come on, Haylie, that sounds so lame you don’t believe it yourself.”

“Okay…Yeah…That was kinda lame but please just listen-”

MTB - ch 15 pic 14

The girls were whispering because they didn’t want either of the two men to hear them and were so caught up in their own little conversation that they didn’t realize the guys were walking towards them.

“Hi, babe!” Jared said, walking up from behind Haylie and throwing his arms around his girl.

“Hey, sweetie!” she replied, smiling lovingly at him.

Haylie and Jared kissed softly, tenderly, and Adriana looked at them with a weak smile and sad eyes. She wasn’t aware of it, she had absolutely no idea she was staring at the couple, sadness clearly showing in her eyes, but it didn’t go unnoticed to Jensen, who couldn’t help wondering what was going on inside that pretty little head of hers.

He quietly watched her while he drank some water from a bottle, trying real hard to figure out why she was reacting like that and supposing the whole thing was brining back some not-so-happy memories to her. He didn’t say a word, though, and pretended not to notice any of it.

Adriana stared at the couple for barely a few seconds, and then turned her attention to Jensen, her eyes raking all over him out of their own volition, thoroughly studying every single inch of him.

She studied his broad shoulders and strong arms, his muscles rippling under his golden skin as he brought the bottle to his lips and slowly sipped from it. She instantly remembered the picspams and the sex scene from his show, and thought, “Wow! They certainly don’t do him any justice…at all!”

MTB - ch 15 pic 15

It only took her a few seconds to do all of that, but he caught her checking him out all the same and smirked, all the while flexing his biceps to give her a more enticing view.

She then realized she’d been caught and blushed a vivid shade of red, quickly looking away, feeling completely embarrassed, not knowing what to do and wishing he didn’t make any remark!

She simply kept her eyes away from him, fixed on the pool and doing her best to pretend nothing was going on although she could feel his eyes on her now, slowly going up and down, taking in every single detail.

Luckily, it was almost noon and Haylie asked if they were hungry, Jensen nodding in response while Jared enthusiastically replied, “Hell, yes! I’m starving!”

“Yeah, I figured!” Haylie commented laughing loudly. “Alright, then help me out in the kitchen and we’ll have lunch in a few minutes.”

The two men and Adriana followed the blonde inside to help her get things ready, both men walking behind the girls…and enjoying the view!

Once they stepped into the kitchen, Haylie began making some salad and sandwiches.

“Erm, guys, why don’t you two go set the table outside while Jared helps me finish up here?” the blonde suggested. “There are some plates, napkins and glasses over there.”

“Sure!” Jensen replied smiling.

“Okay,” Adriana answered, glaring at her friend for doing her best to keep Jensen and her together, alone, and quickly realizing the girl just wanted to spend a few minutes by herself with her boyfriend.

So, without protesting, the brunette grabbed everything she needed from one of the cupboards and made her way outside with Jensen trailing after her and immediately proceeded to set the table on the deck by the pool. Adriana was a tad nervous, there was no denying that! So, she decided to focus on the task at hand and try to appear as calm as possible, secretly hating her friend for putting her in such position.

There was an uncomfortable silence between Jensen and her, and she knew she should make some small talk, try to make things less awkward between them, especially since they were clearly stuck together for the entire weekend! Trouble was she had no idea what to say. She wasn’t even looking at him, she was just fidgeting with the napkins, pretending to be putting everything in place, fearing that if she made eye-contact with him, he’d see right through her and find out that their kiss and his touch were seared in her memory for good.

And then, right when she thought things would get even more awkward between them, Jensen started talking about the great weather they usually had in LA and what a nice day it was and how different it was from Vancouver. It was nothing, just idle chatter, but Adriana felt truly relieved and managed to relax a little, guessing he was going to leave things alone and thinking, “Good…Guess it’s better this way…Let’s just pretend nothing’s ever happened between us.”

She’d be proved wrong soon enough, though.

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Author: amja7578
Summary: I’ve been reading some really good RPFs lately and I thought I’d give it a shot and write one of my own. It’s basically a love story but there’s humor and angst, too.
Pairings: JA/OFC, JP/OFC
Warning: NC-17
Disclaimer: This doesn’t depict reality in any way…just writing for fun! The OFCs belong to me and were inspired by the pics I found on the web ―which also gave me some ideas for my fic! Thanks to Bren and Erica for helping me choose their names…hope you all like them!

All chapters here: http://amja7578.livejournal.com/14215.html

Chapter 14: Too Good To Be True

Jensen reluctantly let go of Adriana and turned around, ready to punch whoever had dared to ruin things like that for him, to interfere when he was about to taste the nectar from those lips, that cherry mouth that demanded to be kissed, only to find Natalie standing before him.

He couldn’t believe his luck. What the hell was Natalie doing there? And more importantly, why was she getting in his way? She wasn’t exactly what you’d call his favorite person and he’d turned down her advances repeatedly. “Jensen, Jensen…always the gentleman!” he thought, his mom mostly to be blamed for it, but this time he’d had enough!

He was about to yell at her, tell her to leave him alone…for good! But before he had the chance to do it, she pulled him by his shirt collar towards her and, before he knew it, she was kissing him for dear life.

Adriana couldn’t believe her own eyes. An attractive redhead had just come out of nowhere and was enthusiastically frenching Jensens’s mouth, right there in front of her, not caring one bit about, well, anything!

The brunette couldn’t stand the sight of this girl all over Jensen, her lips locked with his, her arms hooked around him, kissing him like there was no tomorrow, as it was perfectly normal for her, for them.

The whole scene left Adriana speechless. Evidently, she couldn’t handle this, at least not at the moment, so she swallowed the lump in her throat and made her way back to the party as fast as she could with one thing in mind, “God! His ‘girlfriend’!...His freaking smoking-hot girlfriend!!! What the hell was I thinking???!!!”

She walked fast, almost ran, desperately trying to get away from it all, as tears quickly filled her eyes and blurred her vision. By the time she reached the party, she was almost sobbing and tears were freely running down her cheeks.

She accidentally caught sight of her own reflection on the glass doors and instantly saw how upset she looked.

She hated the whole situation, but luckily nobody had seen her crying and she was determined to keep it that way. She felt stupid enough already and there was no way she’d let anyone know what had just happened –let alone that she was…hurting.

So, she took deep breaths and did her best to calm down. After all, she didn’t want Haylie and Jared to see how upset she actually was –and even less that she’d been crying like a little girl!

She studied her reflection and ran her hand through her cheeks, carefully wiping her tears away and doing her best not to mess up her make-up in the process –at least not too much!

“What’s happening to me?” she wondered, “I barely know Jensen…actually, I don’t! So, how come this whole thing is getting to me…so ‘bad’?”

She shook her head and brushed off those thoughts, knowing that this wasn’t exactly the best time for a vivisection of her feelings. She then took yet another deep breath and joined the large crowd that was still dancing and partying loudly.

She looked around amongst the dozens of cheerful faces until she managed to spot Haylie and her boyfriend on the far end of the room. She walked straight towards them doing her best to hide how upset she was, but the blonde was no fool and immediately noticed something was wrong, seriously wrong.

“What is it, sweetie?”

“Nothing,” Adriana replied smiling weakly and pretending to be alright. “Just that I’m not feeling well so I’m gonna go now,” she added, lying through her teeth, “but please you stay and enjoy the party, okay?”

“Adriana, tell me right this second what’s going on,” the blonde demanded. “Hey, where’s Jensen?” she then asked, after looking around and failing to see the man.

“I think he’s outside, in the garden, having some fresh air with his…girlfriend,” she explained in a small voice and refusing to make eye-contact, fearing her still somewhat watery eyes would give her away. “I’d better go now,” she said, “you two enjoy the rest of the evening.”

Adriana did her best to sound cheerful, to pretend that everything was just fine, that it was only a headache, but failed dismally and Haylie saw right through her.

Her friend tried to get her to explain herself, but there was no way she’d spill –let alone stay and be forced to face Jensen and his girlfriend!- and she was gone before Haylie had the chance to stop her.

The blonde saw her friend leaving the party, running away actually, clearly upset, and confirmed her suspicions: something was wrong. She then turned to Jared raising an eyebrow and gave him an angry look.

“Hey, don’t give me that look! You saw them at the Christmas party and earlier today…and they were totally into each other! I mean, at least Jensen was…I’ve no idea what could’ve gone wrong…wait, she said girlfriend?”

“Yeah!” she replied glaring at thim, evidently mad at him.

“But Jensen doesn’t have a girlfriend…he isn’t seeing anyone…I told you that already,” Jared explained frowning, honestly confused, and then realization sank in, “Oh, shit!”




In that very moment, they saw Jensen walking straight towards them, practically elbowing his way through the crowd, and no other than Natalie trailing after him. He immediately asked about Adriana, wishing heart and soul she was still around so that he could explain it all. He wasn’t very hopeful, though, not after the way she’d stormed out of the garden.

“You’ve just missed her…looks like she wasn’t feeling well and decided to leave,” Haylie said calmly.

Truth be told, she’d meant to yell at him, demand an explanation, but after seeing the true concern in his eyes and how upset and worried he actually seemed, she changed her mind and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

On hearing her words, he rushed outside, quickly scanning the place, desperately looking for her, but he soon realized it was too late…she was gone.

He stood there, on the street, his eyes lost in the horizon, cursing himself for what had happened. It hadn’t been easy for him to muster up the courage to speak up and show her what he felt for her. It’d taken a lot from him actually. And it all was going great, perfect as a matter of fact, that is until Natalie showed up!

Okay, Adriana was gone, but he was determined to go after her. He wasn’t sure where she might’ve gone –actually, he didn’t have a clue!- but her apartment seemed like a good place to start. So, he turned around, determination written all over his face, and was astonished to find Natalie standing right there before him.

“What the hell do you want?” he asked, without making the slightest effort to hide his increasing anger towards her.

You, pretty boy!” she replied, instantly throwing herself into his arms and ready to wrap her limbs around him.

He saw right through her, though, and realizing what she was about to do, he stretched out both arms before him as a barrier, and unconsciously pushed her away.

“What’s wrong with you, jerk?” she protested loudly when she almost lost her balance. “What the hell is your problem???!!!”

“You are! I’m sick and tired of you!…We had what? Like one date…ages ago? I don’t want you! Hell, I don’t even like you! And I never ever wanna see you again!…Do you get it now or do I have to spell it out for you…again?…Leave.me.the.fuck.alone!!!” he yelled furiously punctuating his words.

The redhead looked at him, wide-eyed, unable to believe her own ears. No one talked to her like that! No matter how hot Jensen was, there was no way she’d let him treat her like that! So, she took a few steps away from the blonde and yelled back at him just as loudly, “Go to hell, you, bastard!!!” before walking away.

Jensen was so mad his nostrils were flaring, and he was grinding his teeth and clenching his fists, but he didn’t say a word and felt somewhat relieved when he saw the girl finally taking off.

He was far from feeling calm, though, and feared the redhead had ruined his chances with Adriana…for good. Damn it! They weren’t involved yet and he already had to deal with so much drama. He freaking hated it!

Besides, he didn’t understand why the brunette had left like that. Why didn’t she stay and give him the chance to explain himself? Her sudden departure filled him with doubts and questions. What did she think about it all, about Natalie and him? Did she believe they were together?

The more he thought about it, the worst he felt, and soon concluded that there was no point in obsessing over it. All he had to do to make things right between them was go to her and explain it all.

His brain was working so frantically that he didn’t notice Haylie and Jared had followed him and the redhead outside. They’d witnessed the scene but had thought it best to keep their mouths shut quickly realizing something pretty bad must’ve taken place earlier.

A few minutes had passed and Jensen was still raging mad, his chest rising and falling with his heavy breath, and his eyes filled with anger.

“Erm, baby,” Jared said to his girlfriend almost in a whisper, “could you please go back inside while I talk to him?”

She nodded, understanding the two men evidently needed a moment alone to try and sort things out, and headed back to the party. The brunette saw her disappearing inside the building and then turned to his friend, who was now leaning against the wall, in the dark. He joined him without uttering a word, giving his friend time to calm down.

“You better, man?” he asked after several minutes.

“Yeah…sorry ‘bout that scene,” the blonde replied, running his hand through his face.

“That’s okay…luckily, there was no one around,” Jared commented, clearly referring to the press or some crazy fan. They didn’t exactly have what you’d call celebrity status –they were far from it actually!- but still they didn’t need their private lives out there in some stupid gossip magazine/website!

“Yeah,” Jensen agreed, thanking heaven for it.

“Actually, I’m the one who’s sorry.”

“What for?”

“You know…Natalie.”

“It’s alright, dude…You didn’t know she was nuts…I didn’t know it either!”

They laughed loudly at the absurdity of the situation and felt tension quickly disappearing. The brunette looked at his friend closely and noticed that he’d calmed down, for good, and was thankful they’d taken a cab from the airport. He was damn sure the blonde would’ve jumped into his car and taken off after Adriana with his foot glued on the gas pedal, and in his current state of mind, he’d most probably have ended up having an accident! The two men talked for a little while longer and once the blonde had finally and truly calmed down, he called a cab and left.

Jensen got to his place pretty late, well after midnight. Naturally, the building was dark and quiet and there wasn’t a single person in sight. He was about to put his key in the lock when he turned around and saw her door. He walked towards it and knocked several times, but got no answer.

“Okay…so she isn’t home or simply won’t answer ‘cause she knows it’s me…Great!…Fucking great!” he thought.

He stood there, outside her door, refusing to give up and admit defeat, and he kept on knocking, slightly angry with Adriana for refusing to talk to him, but mostly with Natalie for causing so much trouble.

Evidently, he was still mad, but he soon realized there was nothing he could do there and then so he went into his apartment and sprawled his large body on his bed, trying to get some seriously needed rest.

Adriana heard the insistent knocks on her door and imagined who was knocking. She knew she’d have to face him, eventually, but she didn’t have the strength to do it right then. Besides, she’d been crying and her eyes were all red and puffy, and there was absolutely no way she’d let him see her in such state.

Hence, she lay still on her bed, with the lights off…feeling incredibly stupid. She knew this guy was taken –she’d known all along!- and that was precisely why she’d decided to stay away from him, to ignore him even, and yet, despite all of that, despite all of her planning and decision-making, she’d let herself get carried away and responded to him.

It was plain stupid, and it was wrong. He had a girlfriend. And even if he was a cheating bastard –as he evidently seemed to be!- well, that didn’t mean she was going to be part of it. Life was complicated enough as it was and she didn’t need any more drama!

So, how could she be such an idiot and do just that???!!! And to make matters worse, they were neighbors for Christ’s sake, meaning there was no way she could avoid him and they’d go on bumping into each other.

She sobbed a little and buried her face in her pillow, doing her best to muffle her cries…and forget his wonderful lips and his soft touch on her skin!

She thought it over and over again, trying real hard to make some sense out of it and failing dismally. She was at a complete and total loss. She barely knew this guy. They’d only met a couple of times and talked about, well, nothing actually, at least nothing particularly relevant or personal, and yet, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. She’d even found herself day-dreaming about him, imagining what it’d feel like to be with him, literally fantasizing. She, who’d mastered self-control long ago, was now finding it almost impossible to keep it together!

Jensen woke up with the mother of headaches and in the same clothes he’d worn to the party. It was barely five a.m. and he wanted to go back to sleep –real bad!- but he had an early flight to catch so he took a long, soothing shower and put on a set of fresh clothes before grabbing his duffel bag and leaving his apartment.

While he was waiting for the elevator, he thought about knocking on her door again. They had to talk. He needed to explain everything to her, tell her that Natalie meant nothing to him and that she was the one on his mind 24/7!

Man, relationships sucked! Okay, they didn’t. It was just that he was dying to have Adriana in his arms like right now! He was dying to have her in his life, actually. But then there was the fact that they weren’t even dating yet and everything was so complicated already and it made him wonder…was it worth it?

He pondered on it for a moment when, all of a sudden, images from their kiss under the mistletoe and their dance together flashed before his eyes while a tingling sensation spread all over his body.

“Hell, it is!” he said to himself as he unknowingly walked towards her door as if he was in some sort of trance.

He was about to knock on her door when he glanced at his watch. It was barely six, meaning she’d surely be asleep.

“Damn it!” he thought, “Guess it’ll have to wait till I come back from Vancouver…it’s not something I can explain over the phone.”

In that moment, the elevator doors opened and he left, hoping his job didn’t keep him away from her for long…and that she didn’t meet any other guy while he was gone!

Early next morning Haylie showed up at Adriana’s place with lattes and muffins. The blonde had been worried about her friend and called her repeatedly the previous night and, when she got no response, she decided to give her some space and wait till the morning.

The second Adriana answered the door Haylie noticed her eyes were all red and swollen –her friend had evidently been crying…hard! She didn’t say a word, though, and simply stepped inside the apartment with a cheerful “Hello!” and a smile on her face.

The girls made themselves comfortable on the couch and had breakfast, Haylie slowly trying to steer the conversation towards the incident at the party. It wasn’t an easy task, though. Adriana was very reluctant –to put it mildly!- to talk about what had happened the previous night, but the blonde was adamant and she kept insisting and, in the end, Adriana gave in.

“Okay, I admit it!” the brunette said. “I like Jensen…you know it…I-I even googled him last week,” she admitted hesitantly.

“You didn’t!” Haylie exclaimed wide-eyed, thinking, “Wow! She must really like him then!”

The blonde was honestly surprised by her friend’s words. Haylie had always thought that the brunette was cute and a really sweet girl, and couldn’t help wondering why there wasn’t anyone special –namely a boyfriend!- in her life.

Actually, she’d come to realize that Adriana always sort of avoided the topic, and whenever it came up, she said she was too busy to date and then once, when the blonde had asked her point blank when she’d last been in a relationship or at least been out on a date, the brunette had replied “Ages ago!” before quickly changing the subject.

It was obvious that she wasn’t interested in talking about it…at all! No matter how hard the blonde tried, Adriana always ended up building a massive wall between them and hiding behind it.

So, when she openly admitted that she liked Jensen –fine, after a little coaxing on her part- the blonde was practically speechless.

“Yeah, I did,” the brunette carried on, “and that’s when I saw her pictures.”

“Hang on a sec…what d’you mean? What pictures? Whose pictures?”

“Haylie, I told you, he’s got a girlfriend…some really hot redhead…and I didn’t mention it last night ‘cause I didn’t wanna ruin your evening with Jared, but she showed up at the party,” Adriana explained as if it was no big deal when it so obviously was. “We were dancing and this redhead simply came out of nowhere and, well, erm…she-she grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him right there…when I was standing right next to him.”

The blonde saw how hard it’d been for her friend to let it all out. She was trying hard to sound casual, to pretend it’d meant nothing to her, when it was obvious that it had, that it’d definitely gotten to her.

“Oh, no, honey…you’ve got it all wrong…you don’t know!”

The blonde then explained in great detail everything that had happened once the brunette was gone, and that Jared had been very emphatic when he told her Jensen wasn’t seeing Natalie or anyone else.

Adriana was astonished and didn’t know what to think about it. Fine, so that Natalie chick wasn’t Jensen’s girlfriend –at least according to Jared, who happened to be Jensen’s bff!- but still something was clearly going on between those two. After all, women didn’t go through life throwing themselves into the arms of the first man they saw and kissing him wildly! Something else was going on…and she honestly didn’t want to have anything to do with it!

Adriana then shared her thoughts with her friend and Haylie had no other choice but to agree with her. She didn’t like the brunette’s conclusions but she had to admit it all made perfect sense. So, the blonde decided to play along –she could always talk to Jared and get the whole truth from him. He had to know what was happening between Jensen and Natalie, and she was going to make him spill!

Haylie didn’t utter a word but deep down she regretted the way things had turned out. She’d secretly wished her friend and Jensen would hit it off. Jared had told her wonders about him and she’d thought –they’d both thought- Jensen and Adriana were perfect for each other. Well, it looked like they’d been plain wrong!

The girls took sips of their lattes and dropped the subject since the brunette clearly refused to carry on talking about it! Adriana had told Haylie she’d googled Jensen. However, she’d omitted a thing or two, namely that she’d downloaded one of the episodes of the show he was currently on. She hadn’t quite followed the storyline but that hadn’t mattered to her at all, she’d been too busy staring at him thinking “He’s a decent actor…a good one actually…and gosh! He’s so beautiful and yet manly at the same time!”

She’d kept her eyes practically glued to the screen the whole time, and then, he’d had a sex scene with a redhead on the backseat of a black car…

She’d been too busy staring at his muscled back and those pouty, totally kissable lips of his, thinking “He sure knows how to use his lips!” to register anything else at the time. But now, all those images flashed before her eyes while she talked to Haylie and she couldn’t help wondering “What is it with this guy and redheads?”

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